Wednesday, January 3, 2007


(Month and day unknown) 1970s/’80s WALDERSLADE, CHATHAM

An obscure and terrifying ghost story of sorts emerged from the woods surrounding Walderslade, Rochester Airport and Blue Bell Hill, although it may have been nothing more than a school urban legend. However, ‘Thumper’ or the ‘Reggae Woman’ may have been one and the same thing, a bizarre manifestation said to have made a ‘thud’ noise at it ran at tremendous speed through the black woods of a night. Some whispers mentioned that ‘Thumper’ was a witch, or voodoo woman, so the term ‘Reggae Woman’ may have been a loose description pertaining to a dark spectre with long hair, wearing bits and odd garments, who knows ?
Thumper’ also may have been a monster rabbit that was imagined after terrified teens, hanging out in the thickets, misinterpreted a haunting ‘thumping’ noise which they attributed to the frantic beating of its back leg on the soil, but the legend remains clouded, yet vaguely frightening.

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