Wednesday, January 3, 2007


June (day unknown) 1205 MAIDSTONE

The Abbot Ralph of Coggeshall wrote of a very strange beast that was discovered after a severe thunderstorm that rained down all over England. The beast itself was a messy carcass, something dark and hideous with an assortment of limbs, the belly of a human, the head of an ass and which it gave off a foul odour. No further record of this abomination exists but we assume that an air of the unnatural must have exhuded from it otherwise such a sight would not have been recorded.

(Date unknown) 1200s Scotney Castle, nr LAMBERHURST

A dripping wet humanoid said to have a coat of weeds sometimes emerges from the moat. Some legends claim that this is in fact the spirit of a murdered Revenue Officer who perished at the hands of smugglers but no-one seems quite sure whether this is man or monster.

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