Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mysterious attacks...

Over the centuries there have been several incidents in which many sheep at certain locations across Kent, have been killed or heavily wounded, and yet no sign of a predator. Large cats have been ruled out because no sheep have been killed, or shown injuries that would suggest something like puma or leopard.
Many owners who have found their flocks battered and savaged have also ruled out dogs because in some cases the dogs have either never showed up again, or, in some cases, the victims, which in some instances have been cattle, have had wounds inflicted that suggest the work of a precision laser, very eerie discoveries which have been echoed across the U.S.A. for many, many decades, known as 'animal mutilations'.

In 1998 24 lambs were killed over the course of two nights despite farmers keeping watch over the area and hearing no sounds such as barking. A dog once among a flock would rip and tear its victims and leave them with bloodied legs, heads, ears, which in some cases, is the damage done, but no sign of the marauder. A large cat such as a leopard would kill to eat, biting the throat of say, a ewe, bringing it down and stripping the flesh, often the shoulder. Scratch marks would be evident and also puncture marks to the throat and the kill would be very tidy as the large cat rasps the flesh with its tongue.
Foxes would make mess of lambs, but again, farmers are quite familiar with attacks by certain animals.

Over the years there have been numerous savage attacks on sheep, cows and lambs in Medway, Gravesend, Ashford and Canterbury, and also strange, precise attacks in the same areas where it appears animals were definitely not the cause.

During 2004, 2005, and 2006 many domestic cats were found decapitated and lacerated around the outskirts of London, particularly Sidcup, Bexley, Plumstead and the likes. The press and the police believed at first they were looking for a demented person who was removing heads and tails of these animals and dumping them, but then the police claimed that such attacks were nothing more than animals being hit by cars, although most of the victims were not found in the road. Several attacks could well have been blamed on a large cat such as a leopard as there were sightings on the outskirts of London and deer have often been found in the woods eaten by an unseen predator, likely to have been a 'big cat'.

In 1999 a goat was found mysteriously mutilated at a local fort. Whilst the press were eager to jump on the bandwagon after Halloween and claim it was the work of occultists, it appeared that a 'big cat' was possibly to blame, however, other carcasses found in the area suggested something very sinister was also going on, despite sceptical attitudes towards diabolical practices. However mutilated cattle found in 2003 in Medway were completely different. The wounds evident showed that the rectal areas of two calves had been surgically removed as had tissue around the face. The victims were also completely stiff when found the next morning, and not from the cold.

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