Wednesday, January 3, 2007


(Month and day unknown) 1940s KENT COAST

The Shirley family were having a picnic near local woods when they were horrified to see a flame-haired humanoid with huge, powerful jaws. The beast slipped into the woods never to be seen again.

April 16th 1954 Dumpton Park, RAMSGATE

Police Constable S. Bishop was a very credible witness to what has been described as a ‘walking fir-cone’, an animal which he commented on as, “…being covered in quills, having a long snout, a short tail, long claws…”, and being”…Alsatian dog-size”. A peculiarity indeed, or maybe a Pangolin, or Porcupine, but where did it come from ?

(Month and day unknown) Summer, mid-1950s GOUDHURST

Author Joan Forman was working and staying at the village school when she came face to face with a hideous creature whilst sleeping. She awoke around 3:30 am and noticed a dark form crouching by the bed on the left side. She described the thing as the size of a large domestic cat with two huge eyes like those of a lemur. However, its gaze unsettled her, it appeared to mock Joan for what seemed like thirty minutes or more, as she remained frozen, alone, and terrified in her bed. Only when the first glimmers of dawn peered through the curtains did the apparition gradually fade.
When Joan left the school after finishing her work there, another woman had a similar experience, only in another room.

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