Wednesday, January 3, 2007


August 1983
Two brothers, Mark (11) and Peter (9), were playing in their garden at Slip Mill Lane at around 7:30 pm when they saw an unusual creature fall from a nearby tree. The boys were unnerved by the animal because they thought it was a bear.

Police were called to the scene but their search found nothing except a few scratch marks on the bark. However, when the youngsters were questioned they told the police, "...the animal was bigger than our dog (weighing 60lb) and covered in shaggy brown fur, and had long black claws."

They claimed to have chased the animal away.

In the past there were reports of a bear on Hackney Marshes in Essex. The story made a few brief headlines but the creature was never seen again. In 1961 golfers at Croham Hurst in Surrey saw an animal they described as a bear. It was black in colour, around three-feet tall and disappeared into the woods when it was approached. Police officers suggested it may have been a dog, but there was more chance of it being a leopard!

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