Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Two man-beast sightings...

November 18th 2002 Friston Park, SUSSEX

An extraordinary event which concerned Phil Hayman who’d parked up his lorry in this wooded area at 2:30 am, in order to stretch his legs. The witness looked towards a red light cast by a forestry machine and noticed a tall figure in the woods which may have been covered in hair. Mr Hayman ran back to his vehicle.

February 11th 2006 SOUTH-EAST (no further details)

A Kent man, whilst putting out his rubbish late on this night, was alarmed by a bizarre droning noise at the deep of his garden which backed onto woods. As he , the noise became louder and in the darkness he could make out the glow of two, large eyes which belonged to a dark, humped and hairy creature that stood over six-feet high. The noise grew louder and louder, forcing the man to flee in terror. The next morning his garden was strewn with the rubbish he’d put out, but no sign of the mysterious visitor.

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