Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Croydon Monster

1803 - Croydon

Although Surrey neighbour's Kent, this tale is worth noting, that of a masked, caped invader known as the 'Croydon Monster' who allegedly haunted the area around the Hare & Hounds in Purley Way. This mysterious entity could, just like the legendary Spring-Heeled Jack of Victorian London, leap great heights. During one such incident, the caped crusader was alleged to have cleared a crowd of over fifty-people with his agile bounds.

During the 1950s a phantom 'hound' was seen in Richmond Park, Surrey by Joe Chester. He was in the army at the time and was based was near the park, an area inhabited by many deer.
One night he was returning late from London and had to climb over the wall/fence surrounding the park. As he strolled back to camp several deer came running past at great speed, followed by what appeared to be a great white hound that seemed to glide across the floor. The beast had large teeth but the rest of the apparition was a blur to Joe.

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