Sunday, January 7, 2007


A popular legend, although sightings of such a spectre seem few and far between.

Such a beast was said to haunt particular areas of the castle which has stood for more than one-thousand years on two islands, at its home near Maidstone.

The ghost was said to be a bad omen and every time it was spotted in one of the passageways or rooms, then a death or tragedy would surely occur. However, the most famous incident surrounding the ghost was not ominous at all, for it saved the life of a female resident. According to legend the apparition appeared to the woman, who followed the creature out the door. Seconds later, the bay window which she was peering out from collapsed and would surely have killed her if she'd stayed at the spot.

It seems that the black hound may well be connected to the museum at the castle which displays a fine collection of dog collars!

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