Friday, March 20, 2009



From publisher Jonathan Downes (CFZ Press):

"After months of work, this remarkable book is finally available. It is the bulkiest book we have ever done, and with over 270,000 words the longest apart from 'Monster Hunter' and 'Dragons: More than a Myth?'

Neil is to be congratulated for such an extraordinary piece of writing. A large proportion of the book concerns big cats, but as Neil - despite his detractors - is one of the leading mystery cat researchers in the country, this is hardly surprising. However, what makes it so much better than yer run of the mill 'big cat' books which seem to be largely rehashed press cuttings, and in which the sentence "...err it was black, it had a long tail and looked like my Labrador," seem to be repeated over and over again ad nauseam, this is the first-hand story of years of dedication and hands-on research.

The non-cat chapters are equally as interesting, covering a whole gamut of subjects from out-of-place animals to what Neil calls the 'nameless anomalies' which would not be out of place in an episode of 'The X-Files' from about ten years ago.I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

It's only £14.99 which is hardly extortionate in this day and age, and in the unlikely instance that you don't like it, it is so substantial that you can use it as a door stop, throw it at your dog, or wrap it in a pillow-case to make a handy cosh, and tootle on down to your nearest sub-post office. Well done mate."

Paperback: 420 pages; Publisher: Cfz (Mar 2009); Language English; ISBN-10: 1905723369ISBN-13: 978-1905723362; Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.2 cm

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Rochester Rabbit Ripper!

Neil Arnold goes on the track of the Kentish bunny-slayer. Read it HERE

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is there a dog serial killer in Wouldham ?

The village of Wouldham, near Rochester in Kent, is recovering from shock after several dogs have been found dead and dumped in woodland. The dogs, including a Jack Russell,were found to have broken backs, and lacerations.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fossilised skull of giant sea-bird found at Sheppey.


Is there a wolverine on the loose in Kent ?

A strange set of tracks which appeared in a bunker at Southern Valley Golf Course are still causing confusion, and the Centre For Fortean Zoology have published a photo, supplied by Neil Arnold, concerning the tracks. Measuring almost the length of a size 10 foot, and with an elongated heel, the tracks, which were dismissed by some 'experts' as dog prints, resemble something more akin to a wolverine, a member of the Mustelid family. Whatever made the tracks measures around four-feet in length, and although wolverines have five claws, zoologist Richard Freeman stated that the fifth claw may not always be visible in prints. Check the link HERE

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More dead rabbits in the trees ?

Dear Neil

It was with great interest that I read your post regarding the rabbit in the tree which was sighted at the Kent university campus. This is very similar to something that I have witnessed myself in Lewes, Sussex on a larger scale and for which I have ever been able to find an adequate explantion. Six or so years ago I lived in Lewes and my partner and I were walking up the footpath which runs paralel to the B2192 towards the cliff. We noticed some 13 or so dead rabbits hung in the canopy's of the trees. On average one dead rabbit per tree and hung a good twenty or more feet high, impossible to do without a ladder and some climbing skills. We asked around in town but no one seemed to have any idea how or why the rabbits would be there.



Skelton of 'witch' found !?

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