Wednesday, January 3, 2007


May (day unknown) 1961 BILLINGTON, nr ASHFORD

Two schoolgirls saw a strange, hairy creature that walked liked a human as they walked near fields. The humanoid disappeared into the undergrowth but not before they noticed it had a tail.

(Throughout) 1963 KENT / SURREY BORDER and SURREY

Floods of reports involving what at first many eye witnesses took to be a lion, but what would turn into the legend of the Surrey ‘puma’. At the time a majority of reports concerned a feline form sandy-tan coloured, with a long tail and a small head.

November 16th 1963 HYTHE

John Flaxton and three teenage friends were walking home from a party late on this night, when they saw an eerie light in the sky which descended into the darkness of the nearby woods, at Sandling Park. Shortly after the light has vanished from view, a strange, shuffling humanoid figure emerged from the woods and waddled towards the group who became terrified by the presence, and fled the scene.
The incident was reported to the local police with Flaxton stating that he’d, “…felt cold all over”, whilst his friend, eighteen-year old Mervyn Hutchinson said, “…it didn’t seem to have any head. There were huge wings on its back…like bat wings.”
After the eerie events, it was said that the woods were bathed, for several days by an eerie glow.
Since the incident, which became very popular in UFO lore, some researchers have gone on to claim that what the friends saw was in fact a scarecrow! Rumour has it that even Mr Flaxton altered his statement, but the enigma of Hythe remains shrouded in mystery.

November 21st 1963 HYTHE

Keith Croucher claimed to have seen a strange flying craft hovering over the local football field not far from the November 16th sighting of the peculiar light and figure.

November 23rd 1963 HYTHE

John McGoldrick and a friend look into the reports of a strange monster and weird lights seen in the local woods. They claim to find three, two-foot long footprints and nine inches across and an area where bracken has been flattened.

December 11th 1963 HYTHE
The local press from the Hythe area, went with local man John McGoldrick, to the area of woodland where a strange figure and glowing lights have been sighted. Despite noting that the thickets were bathed in an eerie glow, the reports subsided and nothing more was mentioned of the high bout of strangeness.

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