Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Phantom animals of the '90s...

(Date unknown) 1990s DODE, LUDDLESDOWNE

This village has its own church, built during the Norman era. During the 14th century most of Dode’s residents were wiped out by the plague, and several strange apparitions have been sighted around the area. During the late 1990s, a man staying in a nearby cottage looked out of his window and was amazed and chilled to see a large, white animal, the size of a horse, emerge from the woods and with great speed chase rabbits across the fields. No-one is sure what dark secrets Dode hides, but something very weird lurks in the woods.

November (day unknown) 1991 BLUE BELL HILL, nr MAIDSTONE

A Mr Payne and a three friends, one a taxi driver, the other two, old territorial army mates, had been on a pub crawl in the village of Burham, they had done this many times before,and then, like this particular night would head toward for the far end of the village, heading toward Aylesford, to a bridleway that led up through farmland and deep into the woods of Blue Bell Hill,where they had found a few years before, a small clearing to light a fire and camp.
On this night, as they ambled up the steep bridle way that ran between farm fields, there was no moon above, the only light being from behind the windows of an old farmhouse, four to five hundred yards away. Mr Payne’s three comrades were strolling just in front of him singing some bawdy song, when he heard one of them shout, “…what the Hell is that ?”, the two others followed with expletives and as he pushed his way to the front, in the total darkness directly ahead, which led to the woods, were two very large red eyes staring at them, approximately twelve-feet ahead, slightly higher than their own eyes, accounting for the slight elevation of the path, that would make this apparition six to seven-feet high. In the confusion caused by this sudden appearance, one of the witnesses, who was Mr Payne’s sergeant in the T.A., suggested it might be a large bull or something, whilst the others argued with him in hushed tones, all the while Mr Payne automatically reached down feeling for some kind of ammunition on the rough pathway, and found two large flints.
The lads, due to fear and being obstructed by this thing, started shouting and swearing at it, but the only thing it did was occasionally blink, but very slowly. “Staring intently at these eyes was almost hypnotic…”, Mr Payne described many years later, except that fear made one look down from them every so often. After around ten minutes of this, Mr Payne let fly with one flint which seemed to miss, then he threw the other, which he was certain landed on target, but he heard no thud of connection, just the noise of the flint landing on others on the bridle path, and then all was suddenly silent, no sign of the eyes. Had the spectre dashed away ? As Mr Payne took one step ahead, the eyes appeared again, only this time, around six-feet away and about 3 feet above him, resulting in all the witnesses screaming, “Run!”, fleeing for their lives back down the pitch black path ,tripping on the loose stones, and bumping into one another, at the same time dragging one another by any limb they could grasp so that no-one was left behind. They eventually made it to the bottom and onto the Burham road, sober and exhausted.
For some years after, the friends would often discuss what it could have been that they encountered that night but remained mystified.

October (day unknown) mid-1990s PLUCKLEY, nr ASHFORD
A car load of friends travelling through these dark lanes at around 11:45 pm saw a black animal emerge from the fog. As the car slowed in the heavy conditions, the black creature approached, seemed to slink around the vehicle and peered into the passenger window before disappearing into the darkness

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