Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Into the 1800s...

(Month and day unknown) 1800s SUSSEX and KENT

The Puck Bird may well be a creature of folklore but at some point it has haunted these counties. Such a bird once bestowed disease upon cattle and was considered evil and a trickster. Anyone who should have dared walk by such a manifestation would have surely been cursed! Similar apparitions have been encountered all over the world,and perceived as bad omens instead of flesh and blood anomalies.

(Month and day unknown) 1800s between BOXLEY and BURHAM

Two men, including a Reverend Edward, who recorded the encounter, were walking near to Maidstone when, … “…at a point where the road ascends…in its course, we paused to take breath, and look’t back and were surprised to see some distance behind us, and standing on the way we had come, a lean grey dog with upstanding ears…I was struck by its size…it appeared as big as a calf.”

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