Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Neil Arnold's new book, 'PARANORMAL LONDON' (published by The History Press) is OUT NOW.

Featuring a veritable feast of bizarre stories pertaining to high strangeness around the capital. From the Highgate 'vampire', to UFOs, from ghostly goings-on to big cats, and other mysterious animals. 'PARANORMAL LONDON' is a strange, often supernatural safari through the concrete jungle, stopping off to look at the London 'mermaid, Mr Davy's monster, phantom assailants - Spring-Heeled Jack, the London 'monster', the Hammermsith 'ghost' and the 'vampire' of the West End.

The book features a menagerie of ghostly birds, spectral cats, hellhounds and ethereal bears such as the horror of Hackney Marshes! Roll up, roll up for the magical mystery tour - with, the Surrey 'puma', the beast of Bexley, the Cricklewood lynx, and the Edgware tiger.

Exhibited also are the phantom ape of Hampstead, the Brentford griffin, dragons, monster rats and the flying jellyfish of Wimbledon!

And not forgetting tales of freak storms, insect swarms, fish from the sky, dancing coals, pennies from Heaven, fairies and monsters on the London Underground.

PARANORMAL LONDON...where the wild things are.

Available now from Amazon and all good bookshops, or directly from The History Press

Monday, June 28, 2010

Possible jackal sighting in Ashford

On Thursday 24th June at 3pm, a couple walking in a deer park not far from Ashford, observed what they believed was a jackal.

The animal was in view for several minutes as the couple, visiting Brabourne, were on a stroll looking for deer. The animal appeared around thirty metres away, stopped to glare at the witnesses and then walked away.

The animal was knee-height, had a mottled dark brown coat, large ears and a long tail with a white line running down to the white tip at the end.

The male witness stated, "It was no fox, at first I thought it was hyena-like in its coat colouration and I looked at pictures of a dhole, and although similar I believe it was a jackal. It matched all then pictures I saw on the internet."

The purple herons of Dungeness