Friday, March 2, 2012

Sea-eagle reports

The Ashford Herald of March 1st 2012 ran a interesting natre snippet regarding the sighting of a white-tailed sea eagle. The report, written up by a Paul Todd read: 'The recent appearance of an eagle on the Romney Marsh caused something of a sensation amongst local birdwatchers. First sighted at Botolph's Bridge, Wset Hythe, it was then spotted two days later near the wind farm on Walland Marsh by a local birder, following a tip-off from a farmer who had reported "a vulture" at large on his land. When he arrived on site he was astonished to see this magnificent bird of prey tucking into a fox carcass in the middle of a turf field, and immediately re-identified it as an immature white-tailed eagle, or sea eagle for short.'

According to the report, the bird had also been seen heading towards the Isle of Oxney in Sussex 'where it was buzzed by a pair of peregrines en route...'

The article concluded that, 'Where this remarkable visitor had originated from is a moot point, but the likelihood is that it came from the wintering population in north-east France, as immature birds are notable wanderers..'

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