Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jackal, boar, wallaby in Kent

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Michael said...

re, Boar, I've seen a few, very elusive animals, best one was an enormous Alpha male,big tusks,humpy back, black bristles and very muscular. It was 30 mts away,we just looked at each other for about a minute then it just casually turned around and wandered off,it was not in the least bit concerned about me !.I visually "marked" a tree it was standing in front,when it had gone went over to tree, the top of it's back would have come to the bottom of my ribcage !.
Had an encounter with another one last week, let's just say we terrified each other from 4ft away !!!!!.Coincidendally it was only a few hundred mts from where I saw an Eagle Owl a few years back,and yes it was an E O, I'm pretty good at this Natural History stuff (ought to be,been doing it long enough !).