Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kent - where the wild things are! Or maybe not!

In July the Kentish Express ran an article (written by James Scott) concerning the variety of unusual animals which Kent Police have received reports of. The article tends to make a mockery out of those genuine witnesses who DO see strange animals in the Kentish wilds. Sadly, the article, which features a table of sightings filed by the police - lists alleged reports of an emu, a cheetah, and several vague 'wild cats' and 'big cats' and even a wolf. The list also mentions sightings of dholes (wild dogs) which isn't as bizarre as it sounds considering a few years ago one of the local zoo parks had a few escape. However, whilst witnesses do see and report regular sightings of 'big cats' such as lynx, puma and black leopard, many of these aren't taken seriously, and we can see why!

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