Thursday, November 4, 2010


Kent - The Garden Of England. Rich in history, steeped in folklore. Beautiful, tranquil...and running alive with ghosts, witches, monsters and ghouls! PARANORMAL KENT is a brand new book from monster-hunter Neil Arnold, who, after writing PARANORMAL LONDON, has now delved into obscure and sinister mysteries from the south-east of England.

PARANORMAL KENT is no ordinary book on the supernatural - although it contains some bone-chilling tales of ghosts, new light has been shed on some classic spook tales, including a solution put forward to explain the urban legend of the ghost of Blue Bell Hill, plus fresh stories from England's most haunted village - Pluckley, plus adventure's into Kent's oldest buildings such as Dover Castle and the castle, cathedral, shops and various pubs in historic Rochester.

The book also takes a look at the mystery of crop circles, the superstition of witches - burned on many a Kent heath - and even zombies, said to prowl the ancient woodlands and fog-bound marshes. And then there are the strange creatures cast from the Ark - a menagerie of monsters no zoo could accommodate, from serpents around the Kent coast, to hellhounds on the Pilgrims Way, mystery cats, hairy humanoids and weird, flying critters.

This ancient county finally gives up its paranormal secrets with bizarre tales of alien abduction, fairies and dragons. And not forgetting the occasional space-ape, stick man, flying jellyfish, spectral vehicle, ghostly horse, phantom ship and rampant gargoyle thrown in for good measure!

PARANORMAL KENT is available from Amazon and all good book stockists and published by The History Press.

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