Monday, June 28, 2010

Possible jackal sighting in Ashford

On Thursday 24th June at 3pm, a couple walking in a deer park not far from Ashford, observed what they believed was a jackal.

The animal was in view for several minutes as the couple, visiting Brabourne, were on a stroll looking for deer. The animal appeared around thirty metres away, stopped to glare at the witnesses and then walked away.

The animal was knee-height, had a mottled dark brown coat, large ears and a long tail with a white line running down to the white tip at the end.

The male witness stated, "It was no fox, at first I thought it was hyena-like in its coat colouration and I looked at pictures of a dhole, and although similar I believe it was a jackal. It matched all then pictures I saw on the internet."

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