Friday, July 10, 2009

The 'Hairy Man' of Wouldham

MYSTERY ANIMALS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: KENT is littered with tales of strange, hairy humanoids roaming the annals of local folklore. Several witnesses have, over the decades reported encountering bizarre, red-eyed beings in the local woods, mainly in the deep stretches flanking the village Blue Bell Hill, near Maidstone. Recently, an Ann Partridge whilst reading the book, mentioned a tale she was told in the 1960s by her grandmother in regards to Wouldham, a small village near Blue Bell Hill. Ann said that when she was a child her grandmother used to speak of the 'hairy man' of Wouldham which she encountered on occasion in the local woods. So, it seems that although we clearly ARE NOT dealing with a Bigfoot in our local woods, we do in fact have some kind of creature embedded in the history of these places as a wildman, or 'wudwose'.

For some reason these ancient places harbour a lot of high strangeness, but we don't know why, but the more these kind of reports are mentioned, the more eye-witnesses come forward to see of things which surely can not be...or can they ?

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