Monday, June 29, 2009

The Maidstone Monkey!

A Mr Price reported that a year or so ago, in the wilds of Maidstone, he was awoken one night by a startled domestic cat. Upon reaching his bedroom window and looking out he was amazed to see a 'monkey' bound along and head off towards the woods. Mr Price had seen a large puma a few years before but the last thing he expected was a monkey. In height he stated that the creature was Labrador-size, but the length smaller than a domestic cat, as on all fours it leaped by.

The witness stated that the primate was larger than a capuchin, which inhabit South America, the Weeper Capuchin however, which lives in the north-eastern region of South America, can measure up to18 inches in length, whilst the Brown Capuchin (which inhabits much of north, east and central South America) is similar in size. Mr Price said the animal was brownish in colour but hard to tell under the street lights, and it seems very likely the animal had escaped from a private menagerie.

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