Monday, May 11, 2009

African wild dogs roaming Kent ?

Several months ago it was reported that a pack of dholes (African wild dog) had escaped from a Kent zoo. Moat were recaptured, the rest shot, according to reports. Now, a lady named Denise has come forward to report her sighting of unusual creature roaming the Lyminge area, not far from where the original animals escaped, she writes:

"On Friday the 8th of may at about 6.30 am , I believe I saw what was a fox but taking another look as the animal was moving slowly and deliberately in stalk an sniffing the road , I think it may have been an African wild dog .
I phoned my husband who contacted Port Lympne zoo who say they have counted all of their's an none missing ,
I'm sure it wasn't an ordinary dog as the legs were very slim to the hip brown mottled grey colour with large white tip to its tail which was bushy at the tip
Has there been any other reports in the skeet , and Brady rd area of or around Lyminge."

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