Friday, April 6, 2007

Kent Kangaroo

Kangaroo sighting in Kent (UK) Source: FWi 21 April 2005 By Farmers Weekly staff.
A motorist from Kent was shocked to see a large Kangaroo hopping along side a road before disappearing up a farm track and into woodland. The marsupial was spotted along a road between the villages of Ide Hill and Sundridge early on Wed morning (Apr 21). The driver reported the sighting to Kent police who said they would pass the information on to the RSPCA, but said they could not look for the animal as, " had left the highway".
"To the best of my knowledge there are no kangaroo-related crimes, so the public would not thank us for sending an officer to look for it," a police spokeswoman told the paper. "There are better uses for our resources," she added.
This is the first sighting of a kangaroo in Kent, however, there have been a number of sighting of wallabies.

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