Friday, February 16, 2007

Wolf Sighting ?

Only a handful of vague and obscure reports have emerged from Kent over the years pertaining to wolf legends. In January 2007, at 12:00 pm, near Ashford, a motorist claimed to have experienced a clear sighting of a wolf that emerged from woods, crossed the road in front of his vehicle and then out of sight.
The fact that sightings are pretty much one every thirty or so years probably suggests that such animals are NOT roaming the Kent woodlands, however, one local zoo does have a few large wolves, so if any of these have escaped, maybe we could then explain the sightings. Other theories are dogs and large foxes, however, in this particular incident, the witness is adamant as to what he saw.


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Bryher said...

I thought that I saw wolves on the side of the road between just outside Frant Kent on Sunday 14th November approx 10.30 pm. Only when main beam, whatever they were turned. If not foxes were certainly not animals that I would want to stroke. Not foxes, or sheep. The only other explanation is that their are some other dogs that look like wolves around. It was a woodland area. Everyone has said that they are not around so must assume that it was some other type of animal. This record is just in case of other sightings in the area